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Sorry, no bloggin today…I’m working on dropping this mixtape today…so, to pay yall back, it shall be posted right here…ise pwomise masa!!! Lol…stay on tha lookout…


Aaight, Nobody expected Jay Electronica and Just Blaze to do what they did These last couple of months…and if you aint up on the movement…Here you go! Though not in thier entirety, You’ll get the point…here it is Jay Electronica produced by Just Blaze “Exhibits A-C” and dont forget to buy Exhibit C, available on iTunes!!! Lets Go! World Premere, premiere…. (*_*)

Party, Party, Party, Let’s all get WASTED!! Merry X-Mas BITCHES!!!!

Merry Christmas Bitches!!!! (^_^)…

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Merry Christmas Bitches!!!! (^_^)

Okay, As you can see, I’m moving the furniture around on the WordPress, but it’s still under construction….Although it does have the Twitter thing goin on, It also puts a fucking thumbnail on all my posts. And my Thumbnail was changed a long time ago, but it still has that EVL pic…But besides that…..

Bear wit a nigga……(-_-)


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I know this aint Twitter, but hell…I mean Twitter is a blog anyways…

Anywho, I need to re-construct this blog…so be afraid…Very Fucking Afraid (@_@)

T-Mobile Blackberry why-fi?

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Err…yeah, this just in. I just copped this blackberry from t-mobile, The Blackberry Curve 8520…

This morning, I came all the way to wiggi-wigg-wack Bayboro. NC. And guess wat…no wi-fi. This means no tweets. My texts won’t even go thru. Wut na fuck?!?!?!

He’ll. This blog post might not even go thru…

And why does tha blackberry run off wi-fi? No network for us blackberrians?

This is bad, real bad, michael jackson…