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Help Haiti

Posted: January 22, 2010 in Blah!
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I don’t wanna tell yall how I really feel bout this shit, cuz niggas hate the truth…I does something to em…

But regardless of what’s going on, and peoples’ views, we here at Juwols Blah played our part, now it’s your turn… has all tha answers on how to donate, or, just text YELE to 501501 and donate $5 (just adds $5 to your next phone bill)

Keep Haiti in your prayers. At tha time they are experiencing some crazy-ass aftershocks…this is something I care bout. I’m from Tampa Bay, and there was a lot of Haitians, fresh from Haiti at my school…so you get where I’m coming from…

You said you was gonna make a difference in 2010!! Well Help change, Give Change!!!

My flags in tha aaaayyyerrrr!!!I'm up in little Haiti!!

I’m up in little Haiti!!


Shout outs to Kevin Hart for this one! Lol!! So wrong, but so true…smh

I can never win this shit, I keep gettin Stuck....

Here’s some Motivation for yall Producers/Artists and such…

Just Blaze posted this on twitter. Found it while cleaning out Baseline Studios…

This is pre-ETHER by tha way…

Gimme $20!!!


Barbie Minaj??

Posted: January 22, 2010 in Twietnam Fodder
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Sorry, had to repost this…

It was floating around on Twitter yesterday. Hell, right after she put it up, it damn near became a trending topic!

Am I missing somethin? Comments….


Sit back, and enjoy…I have nothing to say…


While you’re waking up every morning, listening to “Good Morning” by Kanye West, wishing you didn’t have to clock in…wishing you could trade your 9-to-5 for fame…well..

Kanye has done the opposite. (*Kanye shrug)

Yes, if you haven’t already heard, Kanye West has officially taken up a internship and GAP…to learn the ins and outs of the clothing business.

And not the “show-when-i-wanna-cuz-ima-millionaire-type” internship, the man has been working everyday…just like you…

Even stayin over. Wowsers….

That’s hunger on his part, motivation for yours…Thank You and You’re Welcome.


Help Haiti

Posted: January 13, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Listen, I’m not bout to blog, post a video or pic or none of that…I just need your help…

We’ve all heard of the 7.0 earthquake that shook Haiti like an And 1 player, correct? Well, you said in 2010 you was gonna make a difference right? Well help WyClef Jean help Haiti 🙂

Its simple…

Just text YELE to 501501 to donate $5 or visit

Please, Do something wit yo life for a change…make a change…give change…