Kanye’s Gap (lame headers 101

Posted: January 14, 2010 in Fashion
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While you’re waking up every morning, listening to “Good Morning” by Kanye West, wishing you didn’t have to clock in…wishing you could trade your 9-to-5 for fame…well..

Kanye has done the opposite. (*Kanye shrug)

Yes, if you haven’t already heard, Kanye West has officially taken up a internship and GAP…to learn the ins and outs of the clothing business.

And not the “show-when-i-wanna-cuz-ima-millionaire-type” internship, the man has been working everyday…just like you…

Even stayin over. Wowsers….

That’s hunger on his part, motivation for yours…Thank You and You’re Welcome.

  1. qouri says:

    ye dont even wanna be famous anymore… maybe its not all its cracked up to be

  2. qouri says:

    kanye be speakin like he hates being famous anyways

  3. Jazzy C* says:

    Naw its what he did to get all the fame… he regrets it now
    look it up

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