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Happy Lover-dubber Day to all you suckas for the L-Word!! I’m just taking time to post some pics of my Valentine…(She’s so sexy ;p)

These are the Supras Vaider HeartBreakers jumpoff released yesterday…found a pair in the ENC!

SHOUT TO THE HOOD NERD FOR PUTTIN ME ON TO HER THO!! Make sure when you leave here you check out my big homies blog at (hope I got that correct) He got more views…

I think I love her…Me and her are so compatible...


The Demonstration

The Demonstration

This is a free compilation Mixtape put together by Juwols himself!!! We taken it old school…HANDOUTS!!

1. Concrete (from Drop vol.1)
2. L’s Get Tha Money (New Single!! Prod. By Juwols)
3.Go Getta (from Drop vol. 1)
4.BLACK (Single!! Prod. by Juwols)
5.Shopping Soundtrack 2010(Prod. By Juwols)
6.Shawty Bad(Single!! prod. By Juwols)
7.The Coolest (from The GhostBusters mixtape)
8.Wateva I Want (prod. by Juwols)
9.100 Mph (prod. by Juwols)
10.Why I’m L’s (from Drop vol. 1)
11. I’m Goin In (from The Ghostbusters mixtape)
12.I’m High (from Drop vol. 1)
13.Ziploc (from The Ghostbusters mixtape)
14.Blockset Clap (prod. by Juwols)
15.My Robot (prod. by Juwols)
16.Good Morning (prod. by Juwols)

Plz enjoy, and thanks for listening…(Make sure to download some more tapes right here on juwolsblah!)

"Lil Wayne's New Stage"

What you thought?


Okay, we’ve been hearing bout this album for a very long time. we didnt think the man would actually do it, but he did.

Lil Wayne’s “ReBirth”.

I started this off yesterday on FaceBook with a kind of “open coversation” amongst friends. Let’s just say, shit turned ugly!!

Ok, I know a lot of yall already got it in your mind not to even buy the shit, besides, eveyone’s tellin you the shit is wack…correct?? I call this the “808’s and Heartbreak” syndrome…. A lot of people went and bought this album based on the strength that Their a Lil Wayne fan, but forgot that they are also Hip-Hop fans…Some of which have never heard or even listen to “Guitar Music”…So, I dont know what you expected to hear, but this is an alternative album!! It’s impossible to judge this album from a Hip-Hop standpoint…dont even try.

The Hood’s gonna call it wack regardless.

Let the man grow!!!

Wayne is obviously at a point where he is aware of his “Icon” status…He knows he reaches much further then Hip-Hop now…He knows he had to make this album at some point…

On some tracks though, It’s obvious as hell that he was trying too hard to BE a RockStar…Like he forced it…

Okay, Fuck it, straight to the point. Waynes voice??? blah!!!

Seriously though, I like this album. Fukc y’all!!!

Shouts out to the Justice League who produced most of this Bantha Fodder, and Nicki Minaj did her thing also…

COMMENTS!!!!! (*sit’s back and lights blount)

Sorry guys, but over here, we support real shit….wether new or old….so kick back, untuck your wings, and listen to this FLY SOCIETY shit…..