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Sorry. This was pretty dope…Had to post it…PRAY FOR JAPAN!!!

Heres some more of that LES TWINS heat that we all love here at JuwolsBlah….

I was goin to do a well thought out essay on what I felt about Osama being deader than an iPhone battery with no charger…buuuttttttt…

Fuck that!! Racks on Racks on Racks!!!

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Hello, America

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Blah!
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But My Lambo's Blue...

Today was a sunny day…in Tampa Florida. The birds were chirping, the frogs were jumping, the weed was blowing….ahh yes. 106 and Park had the Freestyle Fridays Championship battles today, which resulted in Multiple Trending Topics on twitter. I dropped my Facebook Fridays freestyle to rave reviews (I wish). It was the 2nd day of The Masters and Tiger shot -7 today. Didn’t watch the whole thing to find out his total. Was too busy enjoying life man…


And Government WAS NOT a Trending Topic on Twitter. Turned on the news, and Jeopardy was on. (I was obviously too late, but you get where I’m bout to go with this). ┬áNascar had a race tonight….

The point is, It was just a regular day. I understand the whole “ol, life goes on muthafucka” mentality, but sheesh!! No one even cared that the whole Government Infastructure was about to go doooowwwnnn, dooowwnn, Mary J. Blige style. Joe Frasier style. Twin Towers Styles. Syndrome style! (that was wrong…forgive me)

The reason? Because they, as in the big wigs up in DC, couldn’t come up, or decide, on budget cuts. (Or something like that. Hey, I’m just a musician, I’m not a CNN corespondent)

But I do watch a lot of ESPN.

So to break it down to my sports crowd, THE GOVERNMENT IS HAVING A LOCKOUT.

The players in the NFL aren’t gitting paid, right?. Well, the players in the government are the soldiers…They aint gonna get shit!

I just thought it was kinda weird thought, NOBODY even gave 5 fucks about what was gonna happen today. They did end up passing a temporary bill that will keep the government rolling for the moment, but man….

What was up with that?


April Fools!!!! (2011)

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