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Oh, Y’all keep on debating about Kobe and Lebron and shit…go head..I’m not here…


Greatness. 1/12/1990. One year before gettting his first ring against Magic Johnson and the Lakers. Jordan drops 45 in fashion while also collecting 4  rebs and 6 assists.

All while rockin the Air Jordan IV White/Black/Grey

Maya Moore vs. Skylar Diggins


If you scroll down, you’ll see a post on this blog about how I wanted VCU to win, but yet somehow, they loss. Then I referenced how I picked the Steelers to win the superbowl, thus coming up with the conclusion that There was a curse. ANY TEAM I PICKED IN A TOURNAMENT WOULD LOSE.

I tested out this theory in the same post by saying, “Since I want Uconn to win, I’ma pick Butler to win.” Lo and behold…Butler LOSS.

Uconn won. I didn’t choose Uconn…but if I had…

Kemba Walker after surviving the Curse...

Sooooo, I thought it was a big ‘ol ka-winky-dink. ya dig? I mean, c’mon, if you watch Womens NCAA basketball, you know damn well Maya Moore CANT LOSE!!


Skylar Diggins dug in that ass. (Not that I minded…)

So tonight, Forgetting all about the curse, I came out of the studio and drove straight home. Sat in my bedroom, and turned on the game. I hopped on Twitter and started talking my usual shit…how Skylar Diggins was gonna dig in Texas’ ass.

Enter: The Curse.

Yea…Skylar Diggins loss. Why? Was it because of no inside presence? Was it because of Skylar’s low scoring first half? Was it just because it was Texas’ time?

No, no, and no. It was because…



The Curse chose..and it chose Skylar Diggins...

You may be saying to yourself ¬†“This nigga crazy”…but, I choose the Dallas Cowboys to win next year’s SuperBowl…hehehehe… caption...

So, earlier in march, I made sure I went to the ESPN website. You know, to fill out my brackets on time. I thought I had it all figured out. I watched every game for the first time this year. Even when I was in the studio, I had ESPN in the background. I had this down to a science mayne…I was goin to get rich this year


Butler. What the Fuck. Butler.

After Butler fucked up my bracket, they were up for a final four matchup against VCU. Now, I always go for the underdog. I don’t belive in ratings. PLUS, VCU had got so much criticism when the tourney started from almost every analyst. I mean damn, Sportscenter had a whole 15mins on the reasons why they shouldn’t had even been included in the brackets…That’s why I identified with them. I wanted VCU win, and for Dick Vitale to eat his first name.

So, today, I had a couple of videos to edit….some songs to lay down…some graphx to do…promo…but I made sure I watched the Final Four matchup between VCU and Butler. I hated Butler…So, I waged all my money on VCU.

Please keep in mind, everytime I pick a team, they lose (I picked the Steelers in the superbowl this year. Nuff Said)

So…VCU lost. They coulda made history. But they couldn’t cut it. Live by the 3, Die by the 3.

So with my luck in picking teams, I like Uconn and Kemba Walker, SO IM PICKING BUTLER TO WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!