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The Carter IV

Lil Wayne – \”How To Love\”

Listen and download by clicking on the link above^^^^

IDC about background, or “Which audience is he aiming for” or none of that. I deem this Summer Anthem of 2011…Jus Sayin…


I’m just now checkin out the Odd Future group…Frank Ocean caught my attn, and well, Adult Swim made me curious….

Its not necessary the music (which is different…but not Outkast different where u can’t bump it) But more or less THEM. They sell themselves. The videos are just crazy…U thought Travis Porter was on some otha ish…peep this one…


Man, this shit reminds me of what me and my peeps be doin on a studio day…lol!! Ay, dude at the end killed it…ROTFLMAO!

I love good music. I like seeing niggas come from the bottom and make it big.



Yes. I know. I am a Music Artist from New Bern. I know a lot of people who personally dont like this guy, but that’s why my city isn’t getting anywhere. we need more Unity!!

And yes…there’s some elements in this track that i feel a certain way about, but fuck all that. Red is the epitome of NB right now. I said it!

so without further adu….or however you spell that….