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I love Dorkly bits..check em out at


I’m just now checkin out the Odd Future group…Frank Ocean caught my attn, and well, Adult Swim made me curious….

Its not necessary the music (which is different…but not Outkast different where u can’t bump it) But more or less THEM. They sell themselves. The videos are just crazy…U thought Travis Porter was on some otha ish…peep this one…


Man, this shit reminds me of what me and my peeps be doin on a studio day…lol!! Ay, dude at the end killed it…ROTFLMAO!

I love good music. I like seeing niggas come from the bottom and make it big.



Yea…Shouts out to D-Rod for making the Basketball Hall of Fame this year…I’m guessin for his basketball skills…

Even though he only averaged like 9pts. a game, dude was a rebounding-hustling-machine.

Ummm…other than that…yeaaaaahhh…here’s to Dennis Rodman.