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The Carter IV

Lil Wayne – \”How To Love\”

Listen and download by clicking on the link above^^^^

IDC about background, or “Which audience is he aiming for” or none of that. I deem this Summer Anthem of 2011…Jus Sayin…


I’m Sorry, but I had to post this up here…this shit got me rollin over here. Nicki Did It to em…

Apparently, it’s short because this is a leak from Carter IV (supposedly) and Wayne and whoever else hasn’t laid down their verses…but hell…here’s the link:

Nicki Minaj \”Tragedy\” (Lil Kim diss)


"Lil Wayne's New Stage"

What you thought?


Okay, we’ve been hearing bout this album for a very long time. we didnt think the man would actually do it, but he did.

Lil Wayne’s “ReBirth”.

I started this off yesterday on FaceBook with a kind of “open coversation” amongst friends. Let’s just say, shit turned ugly!!

Ok, I know a lot of yall already got it in your mind not to even buy the shit, besides, eveyone’s tellin you the shit is wack…correct?? I call this the “808’s and Heartbreak” syndrome…. A lot of people went and bought this album based on the strength that Their a Lil Wayne fan, but forgot that they are also Hip-Hop fans…Some of which have never heard or even listen to “Guitar Music”…So, I dont know what you expected to hear, but this is an alternative album!! It’s impossible to judge this album from a Hip-Hop standpoint…dont even try.

The Hood’s gonna call it wack regardless.

Let the man grow!!!

Wayne is obviously at a point where he is aware of his “Icon” status…He knows he reaches much further then Hip-Hop now…He knows he had to make this album at some point…

On some tracks though, It’s obvious as hell that he was trying too hard to BE a RockStar…Like he forced it…

Okay, Fuck it, straight to the point. Waynes voice??? blah!!!

Seriously though, I like this album. Fukc y’all!!!

Shouts out to the Justice League who produced most of this Bantha Fodder, and Nicki Minaj did her thing also…

COMMENTS!!!!! (*sit’s back and lights blount)

lilwayneMJNow we all kno that Michael Jackson croaked…And now is not exactly the best time to pop a Michael Jackson joke out in public…unless you’re his baby mama….

Enter Lil Wayne.

The Greatest Rapper Alive excluding Me, Went on the internet last week and posted a new freestyle…Now freestyling is fun and sometimes you nevr kno whats gonna come out….But whens the last time Lil Wayne spit straight off the top????

And I quote…

“I pledge alliegance… the flag….
Michael Jackson is a FAG…..”

Ouch. Ummmmm…..It was funny when I heard it…..but….

Never Disrespect the Dead. And He obviously has never seen Thriller….